Terms & Conditions

At Flux Networks we focus on delivering IT Services and IT Solutions to businesses across UK

Terms & Conditions

Flux Networks warranties satisfactory quality of managed services. The performance of managed services would not infringe the rights of any third party and the services will be provided under proper supervision.

If any service is not performed to the level of customer expectation then the team would re-perform the services at the customer request.

As the managed services need continuous monitoring the team would not promise any error- free or uninterrupted solutions, yet support would be offered on a continuous basis.

The customer should also acknowledge that confidential information might be lost through internet connectivity.

Customers shall also use appropriate and reasonable security measures in connection to managed services.

Customer is also responsible for usernames and passwords confidentiality.

Any unauthorised use of accounts should be brought to the notice of Supplier immediately. Apart from agreed customer, the Supplier have no rights to provide the information to any other.

Flux Networks provides customers continuous support as agreed in the managed services agreement, scheduled maintenance is offered by Flux team.

Customers also support the Flux team in their investigation of security problems and service outages.

Customer should rely on only one support system and if the customer relies on different support systems then the services will be suspended and addressing the issues from unsupported software will be chargeable.

Upon signing the agreement, the customer should provide the Flux team with two technical contacts with whom the supplier relies for source code, system access and documentation.

Flux team is not responsible if the customer does the following:

  • Relocated or modified the managed services which is not approved by Flux team.
  • Improper use of managed services by any internal member apart from Flux team.
  • Under Force Majeure
  • Customers failed to backups as per supplier suggestions.
  • Issues which cannot be diagnosed because of lack of network connectivity.

If the customer makes changes to managed services that are not recommended then Flux charge extra for to take up the new work.

Customer should do the following:

  • Follow applicable law
  • Pay the fees as per due
  • Use security precautions
  • Cooperate the suppliers with necessary information
  • Immediately notify the supplier of any unauthorised use of account.